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Night vision not work with DMS & SOS aim weapon.
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Night vision not work with DMS and SOS aim weapon. For example: srifle_EBR_DMS_F


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I'll take a wild guess and say that this is working as intended.

Then, how fire a sniper in the night? In closed nigth is impossible see nothing.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 5:57 PM

Use a scope with night-vision capability. This is working as intended.

Then in aim situation NV is from scope, not googles?

Think of logically.
If NV isn't a capacity of scope then work wrong.
I never see a rifle scope with NV capacity.

If I have NV googles ON and I use scope vision could work in all scopes, why in one yes and other not? Not have sense.

In Addition, in the closed night is impossible see nothing at 10 meters without NV. The life real snipers work in the night too.

The NVGs working in some scopes is a bug.

There are night vision scopes, one of them is "optic_NVS".

Like AD2001 said, use a scope with built in NV or Thermal for night missions, there are plenty of them in the vanilla game.
Not every scope is compatible to work with NVGs (the headpiece), you can't just push NVGs against a scope and hope it will work.

Then, the bug is that work NV with scopes. ok, thanks by the answers.

As others have said, this is not a bug. It's physically impossible to operate certain sights while wearing NVG.

If you believe there are scopes where it should also not be possible to use NVG but it is, please create a new ticket for it.

I'll close this one.