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Please bring back the old civilian vehicles to suit the derelict state of all the towns and buildings.
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There is not one building that is habitable for humans on any of the islands, yet the vehicles are all equipped with space age digital technology.

It doesn't make sense and makes it hard to make a realistic mission.

Or baybe improve the building models to suit the 2030s? {F23251}


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Yep, they should have in proved on this ages ago. Upvoted!

What apart from the missing furniture makes you think all these buildings are uninhabitable?
And what exactly do you mean with "Space Age Technology" from the vehicles?

@Grumpy Old Man...
I was using slight exaggerations from one extreme to the other to show the unrealistic financial imbalance that is portrays in the game.

Although I still wouldn't live in one of those houses if you paid me a thousand pounds per week...
Due to missing roof tiles, missing or broken doors, windows, tiles, holes in walls. etc... etc... etc... ∞∞∞∞∞∞

If you can find me ONE house that is habitable on any of the two islands I'll happily sh@t in its toilet.

I still don't get your point. There's plenty of houses with intact windows/doors.
Added a picture, That's how an average house looks like in greece and how they most likely will look like in 15 years.
Considering the toilets, I take it you've never been to greece?

You're probably better off searching for pictures of 'modern Greek homes'
Ones with toilets :-)

I agree that there are plenty of modern houses (concerning toilets) in major cities or tourist zones, still most of them offer the usual luxuries while still having only squat toilets or the likes.

Unfortunately there aren't many 'modern Greek homes' at the countryside/on islands that aren't frequently visited by tourists in greece. Most of them don't even have a flushable toilet.
Altis/Lemnos is one of those islands.

It has been like that since I've been in greece for the first time (10 years ago) and probably won't change in the next 15 years.

Fair enough matey :-)

Well at least on ARMA 3's Altis they might not care about the upkeep of their houses but have nice warm modern cars to live in :-)

what ya mean with space age houses? you mean houses made by mac x3 times more expensive? and those cars ain't no space age, they are modern concept cars

No idea what you're on about, FeralCircus.
It sounds like you assume that every citizen on altis is the proud owner of a SUV or sports hatchback while living in one of those abandoned houses.

Exactly :-)
I'd just like to see some older style vehicles to match the state of the buildings.
The houses look generally dirty and not lived in for many years.
Most wood on he houses looks rotted, windows are cracked or broken, doors are rotten broken or non existent, tiles are cracked.

Yet somewhere there's a factory churning out state of the art vehicles and all the civilians are faced with the dilemma...
"Fix my windows or buy a 50,000 pound family saloon?"

I'd just like to see some older vehicles in the game that's all :-)

I really invite you to place some of the current civilian vehicles in the editor and take a closer look at them. They fit to a country that's been going through an economic crisis for some years just fine.

There's dirt all over them, cracked bumpers, missing sideview mirrors etc.

i cant say nothing but agree with feral on the houses, not only that we got a game wich previous edition had furniture (too hard to code? lack of money from BIS?) but also some states of the houses are really bad.