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[feature request] Different mouse smoothing value while aiming and while not aiming.
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I think it would be a great improvement.

I like to have no smoothing while walking (because mouse smoothing is uncomfortable for me while walking inside buildings), but while i looking trought scope i really need smoothing to be precise.

So there could be 2 smoothing adjust bars in menu, one for smoothing while aiming (while looking trought scope) and one for smoothing while no looking trought scope. This option would add more flexibility to mouse controls so everyone could adjust smoothing to his own preferences.


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Notice that this change would not have disadvantages, if somebody wants to have same values for mouse smoothing he would just set both bars/sliders to same value.

At this moment there is no good setting for both urban combat (CQB, MOUT) and precise shooting.

Maybe if somebody have a very high resolution mouse setting smoothing to zero would be a good idea but for someone who do not have such expensive gaming mouse smoothing is required, otherwise even most skilled player will have problems with aiming because of not enough precision of aiming with mouse without smoothing.

So i cannot turn smoothing to minimum, but if i using smoothing option walking inside building is not comfortable for me (and for some other guys).

So 2 different sliders to adjust smoothing would be best way to have both, precision and comfortable turning while inside buildings.

While looking trough scope you would have a precision and while not aiming you would have comfortable mouse turning (because while walking i do not need extreme precision).

Though I have no personal need of such a feature I agree it would be a useful option for some and the method of execution is well thought out.