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Campaign 1 - UAV controls
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I am not a noob to the game series, I have owned all the series since OFP.

However, in campaign 1, where you are introduced to the a UAV for the first time I couldn't work out how to do a single thing. I couldn't get any further than the UAZ's map screen. So consequently the mission 'failed' and I had to use cheats to get past it.

I followed the onscreen hint's to the letter (the hint doesn't explicitly state that you need the UAV Backpack AND Terminal, that they are separate items), but i'm just stuck at the map screen until the mission fails.

Similarly earlier on in same mission, you have to radio in a mortar bombardment on a radar station. The info given on how to do this is inadequate, and ends up with trial and error, which always results in 'task failed'

I guess what i'm saying is that introduction to the mortars and UAV needs to be improved and made stunningly obvious.


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