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For some reason bug resolving got so slow! With such tempos Arma 3 is hopeless! (Developers must see!)
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As everyone have already noticed, Since latest update, BIS only resolved 5 issues. (lets make it 6)
I do not know, but if you go and filter out all the issues by status "assigned" you will see 20 pages of assigned tasks!

Now, we know each page views 50 issues, so 50 x 20 = 1000 issues assigned! (maybe a little less as on the last page there is little below 50 issues)

Now if BIS continues solving only 5 issues a month, this is what will happen!
1000 / 6 = approximately 166 months! (A little bit below 166 months as the last page had below 50 issues)

This is how much time will need to be spend to resolve everything!

These are only assigned tasks, you have as well tons of under status of "reviewed"!

Keep it up! You got a lot of work to do, otherwise unassign the stuff you will not fix, because it's pointless keeping it assigned... Only blows peoples expectations...


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Why don't they use additional hands? Good people from community could help them! The total amount of managers here is so little over reporters, its like a fly landed on the elephant saying "you are mine now!"

P.S. People, stop being drooling idiots and down voting this, this is for your own sake too, we all want this game to be fixed up and fully functional and we also want reasonable approximate date when they will be done with majority of issues! Since Bohemia will not give two shits about it on their forums, because I highly bet any of key figures from Development team will pay much attention to it, it's better keep it here as their general issue right now! Instead down voting, bring up ideas in the comments about improving their bug tracking! And make them to get more managers/moderators. We need to show how important it is all together!

Also, reported issues shouldn't have status "New" for that long, they either should get reviewed, acknowledged or closed anything else, but leaving it as "new" forever doesn't make sense to me!

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you forget how much time is wasted sorting through crap tickets like this one, and differentiating what are real bugs and what is someone who posted a ticket without understanding scripting or doing research first. or checking for duplicates.

-due diligence is required on the part of bug submitters, otherwise you're just wasting their time-

that and they've repeatedly said they were not going to be doing huge changes or fixes until all the campaign components were released as to not potentially screw up the missions before the bugs can all be properly tested.

in a sandbox this size tiny, seemingly unrelated changes can potentially break functionality and flow without raising an immediate error.

the community could assist by going through all their old tickets thoroughly re-test to confirm they are infact still bugs. there are a shit-ton of irrelevant tickets clogging up this site.
--many bugs have been squashed without being indicated or marked as so!!--

B00tsy added a subscriber: B00tsy.May 7 2016, 5:55 PM

It is priotirizing. However I have filed a ticket in early alpha (a year ago) that has been assigned, but nothing is being done with it (GPS_video), while for them it should not be a hard to fix. I do consider that thus as being slow, even though it is a low priority ticket.

T-Bone added a subscriber: T-Bone.May 7 2016, 5:55 PM

Why don't they use additional hands? Good people from community could help them! The total amount of managers here is so little over reporters, its like a fly landed on the elephant saying "you are mine now"

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I'll have to agree with your last comment, we do need more moderators. I haven't seen them do a lot of work here lately.

Valcea added a subscriber: Valcea.May 7 2016, 5:55 PM

There are tons of obsolete tickets crowding this system. And you've ironically added to that problem by posting this. But as already stated, this site needs some *heavy* moderation. Get help from the community if neccessary, but please get it sorted. If you look through a few bugs, odds are huge you'll come across something that should have been closed.
Sometimes mods or devs give feedback that a bug is fixed, but leave a comment for the initial reporter to confirm and close. That is frankly pointless and stupid. If it's fixed, close the ticket, and if anyone still has the problem they can post a new one.
And look at this; Why isn't stuff like this just removed. Even if you are entertaining the possibility of dealing with it, it would be so far down the huge stack of other issues priority-wise, that you might as well remove it from the system completely for now.
And don't even get me started on the duplicates...

I honestly don't understand how BIS is able to use this system for anything useful. It's like a wasteland in here, full of dead tickets and orphaned requests. Surely it would be good for the devs as much as anyone if this place was better moderated?

I guess it's rather obvious why I'm closing this. Tickets like this just waste everyone's time.

Don't forget everyone can assist in keeping the tracker clean. If you find a duplicate ticket please add a comment saying so.