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Helicopters have no effect on the player
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Helicopters have little to no visual or physical effects on the player. You can walk straight into a moving tail / main rotor without any effects on the player or the rotor. Walking up to a running helicopter without goggles or glasses has no effect on the player. The only real effect that is already in the game is the shaking screen when a helicopter flies over. Walking into a moving rotor should both both chop you into kibbles and screw up the rotor. Facing downwash without eye protection should injure your eyes (As this cannot be properly simulated, just slightly injure the player and add a "Dirt in your eyes" or "Water in your eyes" effect for 2-5 minutes. {F23234}


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Walk into helicopter downwash without eye protection. Note there is no health or visual impact.
  1. Walk into a moving rotor blade. Note there is no health change to the player or damage done to the helicopter.

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Same thing with jet engines that do not affects player.

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Rotors now kill you when you walk into them (Helicopters DLC, v.1.28, I think), but there is no damage done to the rotor itself. There is still no visual effect.