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Request commands to detect items and delete items from non CfgVehicles classes
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It would be nice to have functions available/added which allow the handling of objects that are not in the CfgVehicles class, for example magazines (from CfgMagazines), or weapons (from CfgWeapons).

The reason behind this is, that if a mission runs for some time, items that were intentionally droped by players on the ground like magazines or weapons clutter a whole area and the engine does not get rid of them itself, which propably does not help in a MP session. There is currently no function (to my knowledge) that allows those items to be deleted/removed.

My suggestion would be to add a command similar to nearEntities or nearObjects that allows for handling of these objects within the specified radius (or expand those commands to include objects from CfgWeapons, CfgMagazines, CfgAmmo). Also, the addition of a command similar to deleteVehicle to delete those objects, with the arguments global, effects global (maybe deleteItem?).


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Magazines, Weapons and Items are always dropped inside weaponholder, usually "GroundWeaponHolder" but on death to "WeaponHolderSimulated". You can either delete the whole weaponholder or remove individual items from it with cargo related commands.

Interesting, did not know that before. I will have to try it. If it works, there should be no need for the additional commands.

Thank you Killzone_Kid, nice one.

Ticket closed.

The WeaponHolders can be accessed without any problems with either the nearestObject, nearestObjects or allMissionObjects commands. Problematic is only the performance, when used with a larger radius.