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Blackfoot Down
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I am playing the campaign and for the life of me am unable to plant the explosive on the wreck, I have tried this numerous times, restarted the campaign mission over and over again and yet it will no respond to me placing the explosives what so ever


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Go through the campaign mission Blackfoot Down and try to place the explosives on the wreck.

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you have to detonate them....

Huh. I guess if you're coming from COD or something, you're used to explosives detonating by themselves after 15 seconds or so.

Hey dipshits just to let you know 1. I hate CoD, worst game ever created and 2. How the hell am I suppose to detonate the damn explosives if it won't even allow me to place them on the ground. So before you open your mouths learn to read the whole damn issue because you both just made yourselves look like idiots.

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why the insults? you haven't stated that it wont let you place explosives at all, you made it seems like if the mission wouldn't go on after you placed the explosives.

just put the satchel close to the chopper, implying that you had actually picked satchels up when planning the mission.

When I said will not respond to me placing the explosives does not imply I placed them then tried to detonate them it implies that it will not even let me place the explosives on the wreck. And as far as the insult I am sorry if I included you but joeobrien was my intended target because he assumes I came from CoD, the guy doesn't know me and I hate the CoD series with a passion. So I apologize to you sir.

I will make this as clear as possible, with the explosives in my bag after clearing the area of all OpFor and when I am ordered to place the explosives on the Blackfoot wreckage I move my mouse wheel to highlight the option of putting the explosive on the ground I then proceed to place the charge on the wreck after making the gesture of placing the charge on the ground it still remains in my vest and not in the intended area for which it is meant. I then attempt to place the explosive on different locations on the wreck and get the same results I then attempt to revert to the beginning and get the same result then I proceed to delete my campaign save and restart the campaign from the beginning and yet the same issue arises. This issue seems to have come after the updates because on my previous play through when I had it on my old computer I was able to successfully play through the first campaign episode completely and with no issue. Now if that does not provide enough information to be as clear as possible then I don't know what to say.

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try this again on other missions with the satchel or with the editor, if it happends mission-only, its a big mission scripting error, if not, many people will be having the same problem and can confirm it too, besides being a much major problem. (in case they are using arma 3 dev update)

I am using the dev branch of the game and am trying to play the actual campaign but when I attempt to place the explosive on the Blackfoot wreck it does not respond to me placing the charge and the charge continues to remain within my inventory. The mission is apart of the actual game campaign under survive. So it looks like BIS screwed something up when they released the latest update because I never experienced the issue before.

So I tried to place an explosive charge using the mission editor and it seems the same issue is arising I cannot place any type of explosives on the ground, they remain in my inventory

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check if any other people with dev branch is having the same problem.

You shouldn't play campaigns or play at all with dev branch, its made just for testing and bug fixing.

Well the reason why I play with the development branch is mainly because I don't mind helping to test and give feedback for the bugs I find. It helps the game grow as long as the developers take the time to listen to their customers which seems to be the case most of the time with BIS. Secondly it's not easy to find other individuals who are experiencing the same issue because so e players can be quite antisocial

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Having the same issue.

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Have you tried to equip and unequip your explosives?