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Add Rating/Score Module not working!
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After almost a year of having this reported on the forums ( ), this module STILL doesn't work in an MP DS when it's sync'd with players and objects. I want the player to have a +1 score added every time he hits a pop up target. I'm sync'd the targets to the module, and the players to the module. Still nothing. What is causing this and why? BI this has been in the works for a long time and I'm sure its low on the totem pole, but what is going on here? The thing seems to fire once. But after that never again.

Attached to the ticket is a basic rifle range. {F23230}


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Steps To Reproduce

All on editor:
Place player(s) down
Place pop up targets down
Place Add Rating/Score Module down
Change module to Sync objects only, add score to 1.
Sync all pop ups and players.
Save to Multiplayer.

Additional Information

See upload for test mission.

Again, it fires once, for the first shot, that's all and it give the point to EVERYONE in the server. Not individuals.

This needs to be changes to be repeatable AND the point needs to be given to the individual, not to all player's sync'd to the module.

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