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Animations not synced in mp with switchmove or playmove
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On a dedicated server if you try to undo an AI animation where the AI was once local to the Server but through addaction is now local to the player the animation change is not shown to other players. Only the person performing the addaction will see the animation change. Other players only see a rigid unit floating around.


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Create a unit on the server side with an animation of unit1 playmove "amovpercmstpsnonwnondnon_amovpercmstpssurwnondnon"; and unit1 disableAI "MOVE";
Create an addaction that launches a script to change the unit the addaction is tied to back to default animation. In the addaction script have it change the unit using [_host] joinsilent (group _caller); _host enableAI "Move"; _host switchmove ""; or _host playMove "";. Neither switchmove nor playmove will sync with other players.

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AFAIK playMove "" doesn't really cancel anything you need switchMove "" and switchMove is local command, i.e the effects are seen only on 1 PC unless you make sure you execute it on every PC.

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Exactly. That is the problem. Why cant both commands be global effect? two patches ago this was not an issue. So whatever they did the patch before this last one broke it. Would have been nice if they mentioned this in the changelog.

I noticed switchMove had some global effect at some point but it was not implemented properly. Maybe it is still experimental?

Anyone have further progress with this?

From our tests it still looks to be broken.

I wish they would fix these animation issues. Good example of how difficult it is to manage the animationState using playmove, playmovenow, switchmove is to try creating a simple carry / drop sequence - (used by most revive scripts) - and synching these animations in MP - is a major pain and near impossible to get a reliable and decent effect.

This function is really needed on MP! For example, how to perform a grenade throw move without throwing a grenade using playAction or Action? It's the only way to use a kind of custom actions by player to other players on MP.

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