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Incorrect rate of fire for minigun and autocannons.
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Many types of weapons have wrong rate of fire . For example, m134 minigun in the game has a rate of approximately 900-920 rounds per minute (one gun). In reality, it has a rate of 2000-4000 rounds per minute. In ARMA2 we could switch the speed. There is no such possibility.
30 mm. gun CTWS BTR " Reed " has rate of 195 rds . / min . And for example, 30 mm. gun 2A42 BMP-2 (adopted for service in 1980 ) has a maximum rate of fire of 550 rds . / min . + Can change the shooting mode .
35mm. gun ZSU- 39 "Tiger" has a rate of 463 rds . / min . on the trunk , and rate of 30 mm. gun 2A38 IRC " Tunguska" (entered service for 53 years before the events of the game) - 2400 rds . / min .
Anti-air defense forces and aviation have this weapons in realiti - not just for lulz! Gun with a high rate of fire is a necessity.
Time visual contact with the target - a little. + New system of body armor was introduced in game. This means that it became more difficult to hit infantry.
Gameplay suffers from this. Reliability suffers from this. Correct this.


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"correct this"?! Do you honestly think that BI is unaware that the weapons like the mini-gun fires slower than their real life counterparts. This is purely done for optimizations sake.

Optimization due to this is not necessary.
Problems with other weapons, not only Minigun.

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Rate of fire is limited by the frame rate. In Arma 2 they used a work around by firing several bullets in a single frame, which they aren't using in Arma 3 for some reason.