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URGENT!!!... 'CYCLE' cancels out 'PLACEMENT RADIUS' on way points...
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When using 'placement radius' on way points, the unit stops in a random place within the circle just fine.
BUT... Add a 'cycle' and it remembers the positions of the previous way points and repeats them instead of being random every time.

I use this function in all of my missions so it was immediately very noticeable to me that the enemy have recently started repeating the same locations on the map.

I have tested in the editor to double check and can confirm that the CYCLE way point has recently become broken.


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I agree it may seem that should be the result, but if you check the wiki it has always been that way:

"Placement Radius
This option works in a similar way to a objects placement radius. The waypoint will be placed at random within a circle of the given radius, in meters. Note that the waypoint's position is set during mission initialization, so a group that uses a Cycle loop to go to a waypoint with a placement radius more than once will always move to the same location. If the waypoint is attached to an object, the waypoint HUD marker will appear at a random location for players, until they know of the object it is attached to, when the HUD marker will reposition itself onto the object."

It did work as I described and the units locations in my missions were completely random with every cycle.
Recently it has become stuck to the initial locations of each waypoint and repeated each time.

It was a very noticeable change and my missions are not random any more as a result.

So it was broken and now has recently become fixed : )

It is called 'placement radius' not 'move-to radius' (although something to that effect would be handy; but considering the ease with which that can be scripted, i doubt they'll build it into the game anytime soon)

If you'd like to change this ticket title to requesting that sort of random mechanic be included i will support it, otherwise i'd say this ticket should be closed as its not a bug.

Surely cycle should repeat the process, thus cycling through waypoints that have random placement radii.

Otherwise it is not a cycle and it has just created it's own fixed waypoints, defeating the object of the placement radius.

your missing the point that waypoints are placed on initialization - and thus placement radius. cycle should loop the waypoints placed, not reinitialize them.

but eitherway, agree or not, it is the current functionality, described clearly in the wiki, and to change it could potentially break other missions and backward compatibility. so i'd recommend requesting a new feature, or use one of the many easy ways to accomplish what you are trying to do

a good example would be a patrol mission that should have random waypoints on mission start, but when you are patrolling the waypoint loop, it should be the same waypoints to walk around and guard...thats how personally i expect cycle to work. these are my waypoints. cycle them.

I'm not missing the point and I do understand what you're saying and I've also read the wiki :-)

I'm not to good with scripting so it's not easy or simple to me.

What I'm saying is that the random waypoints cycled randomly to infinity and now they don't any more because the cycle is breaking the cycle :-z, so to change it back how it was before would fix everyones missions that use this function including mine :-)

The cycle seemed to reinitialise the process making the waypoints random every time