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Unrealistic ragdoll effects
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One notable example of this is when a soldier gets killed by an explosion. If the explosion is from in front his arms will flail back as if they weigh little more than twigs. It looks unrealistic as if there is no resistance in his arm coming from his arm socket.

In the case of explosions from other angles it isn't too noticeable (the lack of tendon resistance) except that his arms' still flail weightlessly.

Same thing also applies to necks or any other joint on the soldier's body. There just isn't enough resistance causing weird flailing effects on occasion.

hope this issue can be fixed as the current rag doll effects can kill realism for some people.


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Throw a grenade in front of a soldier and observe arms.

Throw grenades using different angles on separate soldiers and observe arms and other joints.

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There are many modern games that implement ragdolls well (Battlefield 4 multiplayer for example), perhaps observing their ragdoll effects can give some insight on how to correctly model ragdoll physics.

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In principle - I agree - but I don't know if Arma3 is too far gone to implement this sort of thing...?

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I feel that ragdoll should be better. Upvoted.

I definitely think that the ragdolls are in need of some serious tweaking. However, I still believe that fixing the GPU/CPU under utilization should be their number one priority.

Still upvote if you believe the ragdolls need fixing though.

Peter added a comment.Feb 15 2014, 7:27 PM

I gess that in alpha the ragdoll was given a better weight. I saw how the soldiers flight hits by grenade launchers with a realistic effect. For some reason this effect is not there anymore. You can hit a soldier with a 50 cal and will not fly, it will only fall.
I agree with the non tearing into pieces policy of modern shooters but I wanna see some realistic physical efects.