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Zero distance resets when switching optics modes
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With scopes that have two optics modes and zeroing (i.e. the SOS, DMS, etc.) the default zoomed in zero is set to 400m. If you were to say change your zoomed in zeroing to 500 meters and switched the optics mode from zoomed in to the iron sights / red dot mode and back to zoomed in mode, the 500m zoomed in zero will be reset back to 400m


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip weapon with a DMS or SOS scope
  2. Change optics mode to zoomed in mode
  3. Set zeroing to any other distance than the default of 400m
  4. Switch that scopes optics mode to iron sights / red dot
  5. Switch back to zoomed in mode
  6. Observe that the zero distance for zoomed in mode is set back to default and not the last zero distance you selected
Additional Information

If I change the dials on a scope in real life they will remain that way until I do other wise. The same should apply to Arma 3.

I have not verified if the same applies to vehicles

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