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shelve leant forward in a bulding in a free roam mission
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theres a shelve placed incorrectly in a free roam (sandbox) mission in a bulding on 037176 during a semi-mission "abandoned battleground" (opuštěné bitevní pole in czech). objects are floating as they were supposed to be standing on the shelve.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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just walk into the mentioned building during the mentioned mission

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BIS is not responsible for 3rd party missions.

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Hes talking about one of the side missions during the "Adapt" campaign, its not a 3rd party mission.

Oh, sorry, I thought it was made by someone else because it was in Czech.

i would change your ticket, this doesn't fall under the category "design-sandbox" - it belongs in the "Campaign Episode 2 - Adapt" category

i wasnt sure where to put it. but i guess youre right this would be more accurate. thanks