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Rotating gunner view rotates Commander view to the opposite direction with Bobcat/Panther,
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Rotating gunner view around Y-axis rotates the Commander view to the opposite direction regarding the same axis. This occurs with either AI or Player doing the movement.


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Open editor, add Bobcat with player as a gunner. Rotate view around Y-axis. OR player as a commander and wait for AI gunner to rotate view. Both stations must be manned by either player or AI.

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Commander never loses control over his view. The gunner movement simply adds to the commander's own.

This is an old bug. I recall seeing it first a long time ago, probably during beta.

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The previous ticket:

The issue history says it was marked fixed on 12/02

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"Assumed fixed correctly". Only because no update on the issue.

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I wasn't talking about the comment "assumed fixed correctly", I was talking about the issue history below the comment section. This:

Oh right. Quick looks may give bad results.