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Requesting more Vest/Body Armor visual variety/Fixing incorrect magazines on Vests
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It would be nice to have Vests more visually diverse, such as rifleman vests with mag pouches and quick-reload polymer fastmags such as on this screenshot:

As such, it would be nice if we could get:

Rifleman, Grenadier and Machinegunner pouched vests.

Additionally, the magazine-pouch models on the blufor vests are not correct ever since the MX was introduced.

It would be nice to see the blufor plate carriers receive MX-sized magpouches and fastmags with MX mags in them, instead of steel 5.56 mags.


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-Visual variety

-Better representation of protection level and carrying space

-Correct pouches for magazines used by the factions: MX-mags on blufor vests, MX-SW mags on blufor SAW gunner vest, opfor and greenfor machinegun pouched vests

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This is only a minor thing but would be totes rad doods, so if someone among you devs can find the time, this would be great and I would thank you lots if this were to happen

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The idea is good. But let them do the normal functioning body armor first) my previous ticket regarding this, forgot I even had it.