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Fix for any mission such as maxwell that will not load up or are giving issue to completion.
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I have an absolute fix for this issue. In-Game stop your character turn your number lock on on your keypad and hit these keys...LEFT SHIFT and the - key above plus on the key pad and TYPE IN endmission just like that do not hit enter it will end the mission and go to the next one so left shift - and type endmission. (Note this is not the - key next to backspace it is the one on your keypad)The fact that this information is not even on the internet when they obviously know we are having issues in the campaign only serves to frustrate me which i why i posted this so others do not have to deal with 3 weeks of trying to figure out how to get through a mission.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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This will get you through any parts such as maxwell mission 13 that are simply glitched out like everything else in this game.

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  1. This belongs on the forums.
  2. This information IS on the internet:
  3. All the missions worked completely fine for me and for many other people, and this was on the dev branch when the missions were released for testing purposes (i.e. they were still buggy).
  4. Not everything is bugged in this game. I have encountered very few bugs since the alpha release.

Good for you this information is for people who need it. In three weeks i was unable to find this wiki page so not everyone has this information. As for bugs there are a ton of bugs as per the feedback reports that are coming in everyday and frankly i am tired of it. I experience a new crash or black screen every time i play. I honestly do not care where this belongs since i have payed for a product that is still fairly broken.