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Player Order should have priority
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If a player controls a group of AI soldiers, it would be awesome if his orders are executed right away. At the moment, for example, if the AI comrades are reporting positions of enemy soldiers and the players wants the team to hold fire and lie down, the order is executed only after the AI lists all of the spotted enemies. This may take a while (if, say, 10 enemies are spotted) and until the order to hold fire is executed, the friendly AI starts shooting.

It would be awesome, if the order is executed immediately after it is ordered. At the moment, I am using VAC commands (which is great), however it is frustrating if the player character actually says the order after 30 seconds. Another possibility would be also to turn off the voice of the player orders and make the friendly AI follow it right away without waiting.

I hope you understand what I wanted to say above. :)


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