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add shout and screaming?
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I don't know as you, but if someone shoot me, I will probably start screaming.

example: When I shoot someone to leg, arm, .. he should start to screaming (not always). This is help to be more realistic.. and show how war is scary..


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I'd rather use the push-to-talk (or ACRE, in my case) and scream/swear/complain myself.

The less noise your character makes, the better.
It makes for good roleplay if you play with friends/a community.
(Not downvoting, just saying).

I Echo Echo's comment.
Half the time I'm telling my character to shut up lol

But I suppose tab in the sound options wouldn't hurt for the folk who want it :-)

Agreed with Echo. This is unnecessary and along with having to listen to your character's labored breathing and lip smacking most certainly something that will get old fast.

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Echo: Ok, but when you play single player? you will not probably scream to the microphone :D

"The less noise your character makes, the better." That's true, but in real life isn't it everything ideal.. ;) Of course, it's would be annoying when everybody start screaming when got hit. I think something about 1 of 5 will start scream.

I meant something like that

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They should only scream (screaming as in "Ahhgh!") when bullets directly hit flesh. What I mean is when they get hit in the arm / leg / chest it is usually more painful than when your body armor stops the bullet. So like when they get hit by a bullet / shrapnel in the helmet or bulletproof vest they should stumble around and be like "ahhhhh $#*%!!" or just be completely out of breath. Pretty much like if you lost a boxing match with a backhoe.

gutsnav: exactly

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This is easily resolved by adding more sound channels to your game options.
There are soldier sounds especially in the 2nd campaign.

But the idea of the your own mic being heard by the enemy is pretty cool idea.

"But the idea of the your own mic being heard by the enemy is pretty cool idea."

Enemies can already hear what you say if they're close enough.