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Mission Randomly Restarts. 'Mission Failed' Message pops up, then the game resets and sends everybody back to the lobby.
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  • Before I begin not really sure what category this fits under...

I'm aware this problem happened back in the alpha/beta, but it appeared to have been patched. Well I guess its back again or something is funny because on our server this has happened 3 times in the past day. People also lose their stuff when the server restarts, which is starting to make them angry.

The message shows 'Mission Failed' then under it 'All Players Died'.

Prehaps this could be useful in some missions but in our case it breaks it. Any way to implement a feature to disable this?


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Make a basic mission, some players vehicles, etc.
Have the players die in some way.
After they all die a mission failed message should pop up.

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This appears to be a bit random, but the same peice of code is passed to the server every time:

"BIS_fnc_MP_packet" = [0,["endDeath",false],"bis_fnc_endmission",true,false,false];

Also we have BASE respawn set up on the mission if that matters at all.

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did all the players die and then you got that message, or did just some but not all players die and still randomly got that message?

you haven't really shared alot of information about whats running script-wise. can you upload the mission its happening on?


i see they fixed a respawn scripting error related to BASE, do you have your markers set up correctly?
"Fixed: Scripting error when no respawn position was found"

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We have the same issue.
We have an altis life server running with about 90 players.

the mission randomly ends after a player connect.

#0 "BIS_fnc_MP_packet" = [0,[[<NULL-object>,true],"initPlayerServer.sqf"],"bis_fnc_execvm",false,false,false]
#0 "BIS_fnc_MP_packet" = [0,["endDeath",false],"bis_fnc_endmission",true,false,false]

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We've had this issue a few times over the past 3 weeks. We found out that one of the players (who was also a hacker) was remotely calling the "bis_fnc_endmission" somehow. If there was a way to override this to make players not able to call this.

Reddi added a comment.Feb 8 2015, 9:19 AM

Be careful about dig this to hackers. Its possible yeah we banned two of them permanently but then the 3rd time myself executed the function on mission join.

and im not a hacker and shutdown my server ^^