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selectionPosition "head" is different for different units
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For example while soldier's z value of selectionPosition "head" is something like 1.58m civilian's z value is 1.71m

If you want to attach a name tag above unit's head, it will appear much higher for civilian units.


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spawn different units and use this script to check where the head is (point at the unit, execute):

hint str (cursorTarget selectionPosition "head");

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that appears to show the current height correctly, if you stand a civilian next to a soldier, i get your same numbers, but notice the solder is hunched forward and lower, thus the height difference ( ~ 6 inches? )

although on second thought, 5'7 does seem a tad tall for an average civilian :)

just to mention, i notice boundingboxreal returns consistent values for both civ and soldier despite posture - would be a good reference for an indicator

Boundingbox doesnt change when crouched or prone (or is it just crouched) if I remember correctly so it is not a good reference for the tag height.

when i tested last night boundingboxreal registered the player in prone, if i recall it was the z-value in the second array, i'll check when i get a minute later tonight


ok, i see, you're right, it doesn't change for crouched. i guess thats a ticket too :D


so the civilian head height is correct, but the soldier's is oddly low - i uploaded a screen shot with height comparisons input into spheres next to the unit's head

Gundy added a comment.Jan 12 2015, 3:20 PM

Try the memory point "pilot", or possibly "head_axis".