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At launch see Arma 3 logo then goes to black screen and stops
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Upon game launch online of offline (tried both modes based on Forum feedback). Arma 3 logo shows, the loading of modules and then the screen goes black and system hangs there. Task manager simply shows Arma 3 not responding and it does indeed sit for hours unresponding.

I have not been able to play a single second of this game and already I'm getting a bad feeling about BIS's version of 'customer ignore' that I suspect means I'm simply out $60 and will be posting complaints on every internet forum I can find and sign up for...


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Game Crash
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Click on the launcher!

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No issues with Arma 2 or any other game or program on the system. Lots of space, ram etc.

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Surely they're going to help you when you have that name.

i'll tell you now you're gonna need to share more information, nobody will beable to help you just based on a vague 'it dont work'

Upload a copy of your RPT file - you can find this here: (typically)

C:\Users\ {yourname} \AppData\Local\Arma 3\

The file you're looking for will have a format like this:


upload the latest one (the game generates a new one everytime it runs). that contains invaluable information for the developers.

as for customer service, i've never had an issue before with them, but do keep inmind they just did $1 mil in humble bundle sales, so im sure they are swamped.