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ADAPT MISSION 1 - when warn to approach from the south
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In ADAPT MISSION 1 - when you are getting close to your team, you get a warning that says that you need to approach from the south.
I went around the hill to get a straight south azimuth. Then, when entering the small ruin that contains the team. a mine pop up !

So, is it south the general direction ? Because a mine {field} cover the other sides. Or is it south, in the ruin entrances ? Because there are just a door trap on the other entrances ?

Which is not quite the same.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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play the first mission until you get warn to approach from the south.

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Hi and thanks for the feedback.

The small warning conversation refers to the south entrance of the ruins, so when you approach the ruins, you should enter them from the South side, relative to them.

James as set up mines on the North side of the ruins.

Thank you,
Nelson Duarte