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attachTo in VBS2 provides collision detection and other functionality
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attachTo in VBS2 is so rich in functionality, sporting collision detection and rope physics. Instead of the rope functions in TKOH, please port VBS2's attachTo to Arma 3.

Syntax: child attachTo [parent,offset,mempoint,rope,bone,collisions]

rope: Number or Boolean - (optional, default: false). Can be:
0 or false: The attachment will be rigid, meaning obj1 will be fixed in position relative to obj2.
1 or true: The attachment will be done via a flexible rope, allowing obj1 to swing about.
2: The object will be attached via an inflexible link (like a tow bar, with pivots on each end).
3: The object will be attached via a horizontal rope (to simulate towing). If the model has a memory point "attachRope" then the rope will be attached to this point.
bone: String - Name of bone to be attached to on target object. The referenced bone must be of LOD "Memory", "Geometry" or "Fire". (optional, available from 1.24 on)
collisions: Boolean - Whether collisions for attached object should be enabled (optional, default: false, V1.40+)

Syntax: Object attachTo [TObject, Offset, MemPoint]


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Totally agree, but I think the reason why they have not added it yet is because of PhysX

See the message by Astaroth.