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Weapon won't recoil on most rounds fired if you keep turning your character at the same time.
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This bug has plagued the ARMA3 ever since first alpha. The feeling of when your gun suddenly doesn't recoil on some or most shots when turning your view, really disconnects the gameplay and ruins a bit of the immersion. The gun literally doesn't recoil at all, not just the model, but even the scope stays perfectly put when you carefully swing your view from left to right while firing.

Let's please get this finally fixed for a lot smoother and polished gun gameplay! :)

The attached video describes the effect completely and shows the effect and how to reproduce it.



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Fire your gun on fully automatic, keep turning your character from side to side. If you swing your view from left to right in a particular manner, the gun won't recoil on most shots it fires. 100% reproducible.

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This bug happens when your character is in transition to another animation. Typically when player is readjusting his stance/footing (looks like feet shuffling when coming out of a turn). This video shows the bug done by strafe shooting (like CS):

Excellent find t3quila88! This should be more than enough information to find the exact cause of the bug in the code. Now let's just hope the devs see this as well :) I really would like to have this bug bothers me more than it probably should.

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Still reproducible in 1.14.116248.