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Its long ago but once you could open all the doors even from the IFRIT,why got that patched out?
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Hey,its looong ago but i once could open the doors of all vehicles,why did you patched out?An will we get the feature again?Would be cool to see.


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unable to preroduce

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It's not patched out. The animations for opening doors etc just don't get played when you use the action "Get in X", or similar actions.

really?but i cant choose them.

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They were removed because the devs couldn't ensure that all vehicles would receive similar updates and offer the same amount of detail. It was either all of them or none at all.

Sad to hear that,thanks guys.

I'm confused. Why is this a ticket? There are Forums for questions like that.

okay hang on,now turn your brain on,still confused yes?okay i'll help you,but first finish your baby meal okay,done yes?cause i dont know there was a forum -.-

I apologize if you took my comment as a personal attack, that was not my intention. I for one would really like to see usable vehicle doors (and/or windshield wipers for the new rain).

Unfortunately this ticket lacks of a proper summary and description and the reproduction steps are really vague. Why are you unable to reproduce not being able to open vehicle doors?

hha nahw sorry,i overreacted :)yeah that would be soo cool,well youre right,uhm its kinda loong ago but i once could open the doors with the scroll down menü but as i tried it the next day it wasnt possible anymore so :/.

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Duplicate of #4351