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Hit detection / collision issues
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There is a significant hit detection issue in the game, where it can take a massive amount of hits to attain a kill, both in MP and Missions, both AI and real human players seem to take and inordinate amount of hits whilst just "twitching" and have the ability to return fire and kill your character in two or three rounds.
This issue has been apparent from day one and is fast becoming a game breaker. The hit detection in Arma 1 ,2 and even in the original OFP were far , far superior. It is replicated repeatedly whenever I play, some times it feels like I am firing blanks, it is not uncommon to have to unload a full 30 round clip into other players to get a kill, to be clear this is not down to lag, my aiming ability, or anything else like that. The body armour players use seems to have no regular ability to measure how much damage is actually being done and this seems random, plus there is no realistic wounding, in earlier games two or three rounds to the legs would render you unable to run, in Arma3 you just twitch and judder and carry on running. This has been reported in a large thread on your official forums, but I have seen no acknowledgement of this problem, but what I have seen is a decrease in players from our squad and on our server, and with new players wondering just that the heck is going on, when they cannot kill a target with a full mag. This issue needs addressing urgently in my opinion as this is worse than the random deviation that was built into Battlefield 2, and not something I would expect from this franchise.


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Just play the game either in missions or multiplayer and it is obvious, that something is broken

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If you read the changelog notes in the dev branch you will see they have pretty much fixed this problem. Wait for today's stable patch.

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There is allays collisions problem.

Yesterday, on our private server, 1 guy die because he walk in a ruin house.
and an other because a hunter catch him at 1 Kph

Wee are playing 4 hours missions with 1 revive so its really boring to die like that.