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Defect officer still tries to kill me. (Spoiler)
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When playing the mission where the AAF officer meets you, there is a major bug. As soon as the AAF car gets there, both soldiers get out and open fire on me (W/O provoking them to). I had to restart three times due to Friendly fire and me getting killed.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce

Go to the first way-point and get the "WAIT" way-point. the AAF car comes screaming around the corner, does a short halt and the occupants kill you

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Mods being used:
M.C.C. sandbox editor

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Could you please try without mods? Thank you.

The game saved with a dependency that only allows me to play with M.C.C. I can not load the campaign without it.

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I had the exact same issue while using the M.C.C. Sandbox mod. Upon deactivating the mod and restarting the game the issue appeared to be resolved and the AAF officer began speaking to me without him or his men opening fire.

I know why that happened. M.C.C. automatically makes AAF hostile. What are the regular AI set to (AAF) so that I can just change allegiance in the editor (M.C.C.)