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No additional tasks in Beyond Recognition
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After securing the crash site in the beyond recognition mission dialogue with pilot ends with "just wait a second" and then nothing happens, no additional dialogue or tasks


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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Eliminate AAF forces around the crash site and approach downed helicopter

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Cutscene should be start after this dialogue. Did you try restart mission and try more times? Thank you for more info.

Quitting to the main menu and reverting to the start of the mission seemed to fix it, loading previous saves in the mission had no effect, no idea what caused the problem.

This happened to me, too. After some reverts, I see the pilot is supposed to come out of the ruins building and talk to you. Sometimes this doesn't happen.

I also experienced this on my first playthrough. Only restarting the mission from scratch fixed it.

Just came across this issue. Reverted 20 times to no avail :/