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Remove kill switches from campaign.
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Right now, if you try going out of the AO (Which is pretty narrow) during any mission your character will say something like "where the hell am I?" And then instantly die without a chance to turn around and return the way you came. Its very annoying and it limits your tactical options a lot. For instance, while on patrol I had completed the "air dominance" mission in Neri, and I wanted to find the "mysterious weapons cache" on a small island called Makrynisi. I stole a boat in Neri and was going to sail straight there, around the south of Altis. apparently this was out of bounds and mines spawned all around me and I died and had two hours of my life stolen from me. I feel that the kill switch should be removed as it is very annoying and unnecessary.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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Go outside the AO.

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What I love about the Armed Assault series is the tactical possibilities. Not like Battlefield or Call of Duty, where you have to go in the set path. This "Kill switch" should be removed immediately.

  • in scouting missions the "forbidden" areas will be properly marked


OFP's vanilla missions had "kill switches". Try to go to Dourdan or La Trinite in "Ambush".

Stay on target. You have a mission to fulfill. Hiking outside of your AO is not part of that mission.