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AI won't pick up mortar bag in "Breaking Even"
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Its very convenient that there's a hint that pops up on how to disassemble mortars after you take out the enemy mortar in Frini, however the AI can't pick up the second bag when ordered to so its pretty useless, resulting in you trying to fiddle with an AI while being attacked by the AAF.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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Play "Breaking Even"

take out the mortar pit and disassemble the mortar and pick up a bag.

find an AI without a backpack and order him to take the other bag.

Watch as he runs up to it and then reports back "negative".

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AI can pick up the bag, the problem is as soon as the AAF shows up (very soon) the AI enters danger mode which results in them (very slowly) advancing from cover to cover. This would be one case where the ability to set AI to careless would be handy.