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Loadout selected before begining mission is being changed
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Prior to going out on a mission I might select a rifle with grenade launcher with RCO sight, yet when I go on the mission I will wind up with a red dot or lesser sight also NVG's that I may have selected are not there either


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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Same as main description

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Well from the first campaign episode it was described verbally from the quartermaster NPC and it went something like this "I gave you the recommended load out, but if you don't want it, your old stuff is in that crate over there." unfortunately it seems there's a bug where your old stuff isn't transferred to a crate.

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I'm not sure BIS can fix all these problems by Tuesday :P (Out-of-bounds death trigger, gear not saving, messed up voice acting, & more).

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After the briefing in the guerrilla base you (and your subordinates) are given a default/recommended load-out for the following mission.

If you already have a weapon suitable for the upcoming mission (decided by your leads ;) stored in the boxes it will be given to you. If you don't, you may receive a new one.

Similarly the subordinates you'll start the following mission with - they get their weapons from your ammo-boxes.

You can always change your own load-out using the ammo-boxes prior to going to the Assembly point.

(!) You can adjust your own load-out & also the load-out of your subordinates in the Team Inventory in the Map Briefing in the beginning of the actual mission (after it's been loaded).
You will find it in TEAM tab, under each character's details ([Inventory])

You can only adjust the load-out of yourself and your subordinates.

Load-out you have on the guerrilla camp prior to each briefing is not taken directly to any of the main missions, but you'll take what you currently have with you if you leave the camp for some lone-wolf Scouting.

What you bring back from the Scouting, or what you or your subordinates bring from any of the missions, will be stored in the ammo-boxes (or briefing Team Inventory) even if you throw it in the camp on the ground (the guerrillas care for each other's equipment ;)


There are last few remaining bugs (fixed in the 1st patch) when an unit outside of your team will get his hands on your weapons and items you have stored ;)


Please note, that uniforms, helmets, vests, backpacks and items (GPS, map, NVGs...) are not (currently) stored in Kerry's own possession.

May I suggest that instead of "forcefully" changing the player's inventory the mission description should give hints as to the required setup? For example, in the Survive mission "Death Valley", the game wants me to take a grenade launcher and removed my ABR. Instead of this, the briefing could have told me "It is advisable to take a weapon with underbarrel grenade launcher on this mission, since the terrain might give tactical advantages for a grenade launcher". Something of that nature.

But the point is that if I have selected a weapon load-out prior to the briefing, I should be able to keep that, if it is suggested that I might require a different load-out then it should be up to me as the player to select something more suitable. Not having a forced change imposed upon me.

Sometimes as a more experience Arma player I may have chosen something that is more suited to how I play the game.

The suggested load-out equipment can be added to the supplies so that I can use them as I need.

I have the same problem in the mission "Supply Network".
I don't mind my stuff missing, but I don't get my explosive charges required for the mission!!!

I'm using the Dev version (1.21.124754) without mods.
Although I'm using the profiles parameter, I don't think it should be relevant.

I made a video about my problem. Notice my backpack missing with the charges that are required for the mission.
Also, I cannot select a backpack and the charges from the mission briefing inventory.


Just checked the mission taking the default loadout from the armory guy.
Explosive charges are still missing with the backpack. :-(

Hi there. Looks like a general issue bugging several last releases of the exe.

The gear you (and every other unit with persistent gear) get on the hub is not retrieved correctly at the start of mission with briefing.

We are looking into it right now and will try to fix it asap.

Thanks for the report guys.

@Changing loadout after mission briefing:

  • loadout is forced to default loadout if you use the quick start from the strategic map. If you do not use the strategic map and interact with the "mission giver", after the mission briefing cutscene, you are sent to the armory, where you get the required gear. The gear that matches the criteria is kept.

@Transition between base and mission:

  • this is also fixed. No gear should be missing, although it might be moved between containers (vest, uniform or backpack).