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Mission 4: Supply Convoy *SPOILERS*
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After ambushing and retrieving the truck I take it to the following task. Upon arriving the Task completes, however, no task is assigned from there as a CSAT counter-attack procedes.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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Steal Truck. Take to Task. Task completes and then assault proceeds with no further tasks producing

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You should get task "Escape" during CSAT attack. I tried it and I got task correctly, you have to wait a moment.

I had that problem on the mission multiple times. For example in the beginning I understand not being able to hear Miller on the radio when giving orders to have Kerry break off to meet up and no task came. After quitting then reloading the task would pop up. during the CSAT attack I destroyed I think 3 Ifrits and then the MI-48 and ORCA. No task popped up. I had that happen several times though where I would have to quit reload at that point and then the task would be assigned. I have since downgraded to play with some friends.

Do you have this issue only in this misson or in more missions?

Could you try verify integrity of game cache?
Thank you.

It was this only mission as I wasn't able to proceed. The missions leading up we're fine. I verified the game cache and it was fine. I also disabled all mods.

After deleting all mods and then verifying the task to meet Omega does not complete and the following is not given.

Hey Astaroth. I resolved the issue I was having. Found out I didn't have a radio equipped after reloading to Bomos and then proceeding with the mission I had my radio and it all went as planned!