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Fins along with rebereather when using normal uniform
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Hey, just thought it would be nice feature, that if you would use rebreather along with the normal uniform (not a wetsuit) you could use the fins during diving in water too.

At the moment if you use normal uniform and rebreather the character flutters with boots witch IRL would be quite difficult.

I've noticed that IRL it's not always divers use the wetsuits, that sometimes they dive with the normal uniform or with normal uniform and wetsuit under it.

Also, ability to take off the hoody when you are on the ground and use headgear (like bonnie hats etc.) would be cool.

But again. My main request is to add the fins to rebreather, not to wetsuit, so you can use fins along rebreather with normal combat clothing during diving.

I attach a pictre to show you what I mean.

Cheers {F23050}


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