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Damage made by the rifles are not enough
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When shooting at AI target with rifle, 7,62mm caliber or 6,5mm. I need to score 3 or 4 shots before the target goes down. All this time the target is still running around to avoid my shots. Is it because they have some kind of armor ? I am not talking about the pistols that are here mostly as ornaments, but about the rifles. Are those weapons weaker on purpose ? As I remember in A & A2 it was more one shot one kill. Are we going arcade ? Battlefield like ?


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Take a rifle of some decent caliber (i.e not= 9mm)
6,5mm or 7,62mm would do the job (for the test)
aim and shot at an AI infantry target from about 100 meters and count how many shots it takes (beside head shots) for the target to go down.

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"Is it because they have some kind of armor ?"

I would just politely tell you why your problem is present, but that question made you look...... so stupid......

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I think this issue has been covered on a lot of other tickets, perhaps close this one and up vote another - I reckon that's why you have some down votes...