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15 satchel charges cannot destroy 1 small tree
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15 satchel charges cannot destroy 1 small tree.

But if you bump the tree with a truck/SUV, it will fall over. {F23046}


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Place 15 Satchel charges at the base of any small tree and detonate.

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This was brought up back in the alpha, , but was never acknowledged.

I dont think it has anything to do with vryoffbtdrummr's ticket as hes talking about over powered explosive charges and buildings, not satchels and indestructible trees.

I don't know, but apparently they reduced the damage of satchels AND demo charges because of that ticket.

It's not a matter of reduced damage. Explosives do ZERO damage to trees. Nothing. Nada. Explosives need to do SOME type of damage to trees. Right now, it's ZERO.

Even if it takes a lot of explosives to knock down a tree, there should be some amount of damage done.

I remember knocking down trees with a single claymore while the game was still in alpha, so they probably changed something.

I remember dev build where you could destroy those big sandbags with sustained fire from .50cal ...ah the good times.