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Mission 13 "Camp Maxwell" still does not work!
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I and many other people have been having a problem starting mission 13 "Camp Maxwell", due to a black screen after the "two hours later" scene. I was notified that my issue has been closed but when I went to play the mission it still didnt work. If i pressed the space bar I could get into the first couple of seconds in the mission. I it goes into a cut scene where "James" is talking about how they lost some casualties. Then he abruptly stops talking and walks away. The screen still remains in cut scene mode, but I can move around, raise/lower my weapon, aim down sights, fire my weapon, change my stance, and use my compass. Nothing else works and I cant progress any further.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive

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Are you on the dev build? Can you give us the number of the original ticket?

I'm just wondering whether this scene might be part of the "coming soon" campaigns

the original Issue ID: 16691. It was marked as closed by BIS_Iceman but it was not fixed.

Duplicate of >16602