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Truck cargo positions
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The cargo positions for both the Blufor (HEMTT) and Opfor (Zamak) transport trucks both have cargo position problems.

Blufor (HEMTT): (minor)
Cargo position 2 is miss placed and is not filled until you try position 16. Atleast you can fill all the spots unlike the Zamak.

Opfor (Zamak):
Cargo position 6 is miss placed into the front cab and has the same position as index 0. Trying to load two eight man squads into this vehicle will result in you leaving someone behind.


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Steps To Reproduce

Place an empty either a HEMTT or Zamak, either variant and name t1.
Place a group of 16 units, name the group test.

Preview and run

terminate h;
h = [] spawn {

		player sidechat format ["pos = %1",_foreachindex];
		_x assignAsCargoIndex [t1, _foreachindex];
		_x moveInCargo [t1, _foreachindex];
		sleep 1;

}forEach units test;

From the debug console, notice the empty cargo index's as explained above.

For the Zamak's try

player assignAsCargoIndex [t1, 6]; player moveInCargo [t1, 6];

and notice you will be placed inside the cab at the same position as cargo index 0.

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