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Server/Game crashes when using specific script sequence during initialization for playable units
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i created a mission for our public server which leads into a gameServer crash when a player is joining on the empty server {F23004} {F23005} {F23006}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a mission with multiple playable units inside
  2. put this scripting sequence into the init line of those units "if!(isPlayer this) then { deleteVehicle this; };"
  3. run the mission on a server
  4. join the game
  5. reconnect (and get into the game again)
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are inside of the attached zip

Issue type:
Access Violation (thread)

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crash also happens with a mission which is not using custom addons

update 1:
when another player joins after step 2
the game of player 1 crashes instead of the server

update 2:
located the issue
i will edit the ticket to let it match the exact bug now

When 1st player starts the mission he is initialised very early and isPlayer true in init, when JIP joins isPlayer is false when init runs. So what you do is you remove playable unit before player gets chance to transfer to it. No surprise the game crashes.

X39 added a comment.Jan 5 2014, 6:52 PM

does not matters

it was stupidness that i havent removed the code out of the mission
thats true
but the game should not crash anyway!