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Should be able to eject from all red helicopter as a pilot.
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If you're Helicopter is all red and you simply have to go down with it and die whilst your crew is already parachuting. I think you should be able to eject from a helicopter with a dead engine.


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Bohemia added a subscriber: AD2001.Jan 5 2014, 6:23 AM

Eject into the blades? I've landed all red helicopters before.

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 5:42 PM

You can't eject from helicopters. The altitude is too low, and you'd get hit by the blades. If your helicopter is so screwed up you have to eject, you're probably dead anyway if you don't know how to autorotate. And if your main rotor is gone, you are most definitely dead (pretty much like being thrown off a 5 story building with a piano strapped to your back)

I have said many times before on other issues that pilots do not get the option to eject from helicopters except for specific helicopters.

One can logically assume that if they jumped from a helicopter that was falling from the sky the rotors would pose a very high risk as they are usually spinning at very high speeds.

some exceptions are the Russian Ka-50 and Ka-52 which use an explosive to jettison the rotors from the aircraft and within 1-2 seconds the roof opens and you eject but this is unlikely in the average helicopter.

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izaiak added a comment.Jan 6 2014, 2:48 AM

i vote Down because IRL pilot can't eject from helicopter except for russian attack helicoter as scorpion wrote.

But i want to tell you that user are working hard to improve the air part of arma, and you will be able to do perfect autorotation.

Goomer added a subscriber: Goomer.May 7 2016, 5:42 PM

I was shot down once and landed on top of a tree. Helicopter was not functional, and i couldn't get out. Had to quit the game.

there should be some measure implemented for situations like Goomer said ^

it doesn't happen often, but i've had it happen a few times. condition should be something like: (sudo code)

if(( !touchingground && height < 10 ) && ( velocity == 0 ) && (!engineOn))

i figure < 10 meters, 30 feet as a height you'd realistically survive falling if you had to jump from a stranded heli.

As it stands, i'm thumbing this down for the eject-in-flight.