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No real winter environment with SNOW
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Is it possible to implement Snow into the game? Maybe just as good as the current rain (which is better, but still bad), but hopefully better? There's just no difference between winter and summmer in the game in terms of weather and environment.

I really like immersive missions where you kinda feel like the person you're playing. Skyrim is a great example of how a good winter scene can make you feel like it's actually cold around you. Things like that would really to ArmA, there's a reason why Namalsk was that popular in ArmA 2. With the new engine, they could probably implement some features to replace rain with snow in colder months (maybe a temperature slider?). Maybe we could even get the great weather effects people are asking for in other issues (moddy dirt and wet grass, raindrops on glass etc.) for snow as well (a snowy texture applied to the ground and different vehicle physics when driving on snow or something), but I don't really hope for that since I know (bettter: It seems like) that BIS won't make any bigger changes to ArmA 3 in the future.

That's really unfortunate because I see endless possibilities for BIS, I would basically buy a feature dlc with no new maps or weapons, but just features like snow, better weather effects, fastroping, bipods etc. for 20€ without thinking!


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Set Date in Editor to something in December or January and set Overcast to 100%.
You see, there's rain, but no snow at all.

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not a bug or something we can do anything with at the moment