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[FEATURE REQUEST] SecOps Manager Module for editor
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One of the coolest modules and best modules for randomizing a mission and making it more fun in Arma 2 is the Sectional Operations manager, giving the player's squad missions at random, such as rescuing POW's, Attacking locations, Defending locations, escorts, etc and offering support/reinforcements as a reward for completing a mission given by HQ. This was a great module and there's no reason it should not be in Arma 3. I think BIS doesn't realize how cool all of the extra modules it had in Arma 2 were. I miss them so much.


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This would be a great addition to the game.
It could be enhanced to offer customization/addition of user made missions.
From all modules I'm missing from Arma2 the secops module comes right after the first aid modules and the ALICE one.