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Any IR beacon can be seen with any NVGoggles
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We have 3 types of NVGoggles

Blufor, Opfor and Indep and corresponding 3 types of IR grenades. Yet any IR grenade beacon can be seen in any of the goggles. I don't think this is intended. I think each faction goggles should see only own IR beacon.


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Make night in editor
start as blufor
add some IR grenades

player addmagazines ["B_IR_Grenade", 3];

put on NVGs and throw IR grenade -> you can see the beacon

now add other factions IR grenades:

player addmagazines ["O_IR_Grenade", 3]; - opfor
player addmagazines ["I_IR_Grenade", 3]; - indep

Throw then and you can see them too.

Change NVGs for NVGoggles_OPFOR and NVGoggles_INDEP and you can still see all beacons.

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How come other factions NVGs shouldn't be able to see other teams IR beacons?
That would be very unrealistic

Lets for the sake of argument assume it is 2035 and you can make your IR beacon only seen with special equipment only your faction has. There is great gameplay value in such design.

However if this is too unrealistic, at least the beacons should have some other sort of visual identification. Friendly beacons should stand out even if you are able to see all of them.

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Sorry to poo on your party, but everyone with NV goggles can see every IR Strobe. This is how it is in real life, and it wouldn't be fun ingame because IR strobes are usually used for precision air strikes, armor / artillery guidance, etc. So if you see an IR Strobe come flying out of the woods, you're probably dead anyway, and if you see one in the distance, either some friendlies or the enemy is about to have a really bad day (night, whatever).

Interesting, but can the IR Strobe emit defferent colors? That would be cool. There could be a problem though with multiple countries using blue as a "friendly" strobe color and red as an "enemy" color. Maybe some kind of HUD NVG's that recognized IR strobes thrown by friendlies / enemies.