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Camo / Black / Default weapon paint
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     In Arma 3, some of the weapons have different paint jobs or camouflage schemes. The Mk20 has flat tan and woodland digi, the MX has flat tan and black, etcetera. It would really be nice for almost everyone playing the game if we could get different paint schemes for all the weapons. I would suggest having a camouflage, a black, and a default colored variant for every weapon. It would give people so many new weapons to play with, and you could just copy-paste the configs and put a new texture on. Each faction should have a different camouflage to be on their service rifle, as such:

• NATO: Desert digital camo, like on the regular MX's magazine.

• FIA: Spraypaint, like if you put branches over the weapon and sprayed different colors (Sort of like their vehicle paint)

• AAF: Woodland digital camo. Their weapons already have this.

• CSAT: Hexagonal camo pattern. Like on the Rahim or anything else they own.



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Shown picture is a black variant TAR-21

I totally agree, a black version of each weapon could be useful for night ops.

Maybe an Urban paint job as well? Might be going too far :P

a black variant of TAR-21 could be amazing