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Need "difficultyEnable" or "3rdPersonViewVehicle" options
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At the moment there is no way of reliably limit player to 1st person view on foot and allow both 1st and 3rd person view in vehicles, especially after BIS broke switchCamera command:

Even with switchCamera fixed it is far from optimal solution to check player cameraView on each frame and reset to 1st person when player switched to 3rd.

Here are 2 proposed solutions.

  1. Add another option to server/game difficulty config "3rdPersonViewVehicle" next to "3rdPersonView". This is pretty straight forward and no doubt this had been asked million times already.
  1. Add scripting command "difficultyEnable". We already have "difficultyEnabled" command which allows to see if "3rdPersonView" is enabled. Why not add a command that would enable or disable given difficulty on the fly. This way as person enters a vehicle

difficultyEnable ["3rdPersonView", true]

as player exits the vehicle

difficultyEnable ["3rdPersonView", false]

This command will also allow for easy difficulty setup for mission maker.


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This would be a great hybrid solution for the 1) complaints that 3rd person perspective allows unfair sight advantages in player vs player "on-foot" scenarios but would benefit 2) players that find it difficult to maneuver land and air vehicles without the 3rd person perspective.

With this configuration I would suggest that the vehicle driver be the only player that gets the 3rd person view... in my mind 1) passengers should still be restricted to first person perspective only and 2) vehicle weapon operators should still be restricted to their "weapon site" views to support the player vs. player balance side of the equation. I'd suggest the setting instead be named "3rdPersonViewVehicleDriver" to still fit Killzone_Kid's nomenclature.