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BIS_fnc_posUTMtoDeg - undefined variable (typo)
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BIS_fnc_posUTMToDeg has a typo on line 42 - missing underscore from variable '_n':

_D0 = (35 * _a * n^3 / 48) * (1 - _n + 11 * _n * _n / 16);

should read:

_D0 = (35 * _a * _n^3 / 48) * (1 - _n + 11 * _n * _n / 16);

I don't think any of these are outputting the correct information. it also appears that Altis' mapArea & lat/lon configs are set incorrectly -

[-35.152,16.661] call BIS_fnc_posDegToUTM returns:

and using a copy of BIS_fnc_posUTMtoDeg with the reported typo fixed:

(([-35.152,16.661] call BIS_fnc_posDegToUTM) call DSP_fnc_posUTMToDeg) returns:
[-21.0066,2.39136] (posUTMtoDeg returns opposite: [lon,lat]) - a bit off the coast of Liberia, when the result should be the coordinates inputted

Altis' mapArea i believe too set to somewhere in Saudi Arabia [25.012,39.7185,25.4815,40.0946] - (first set is Bottom Left, second set is Top Right)


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i'd like to request a function - BIS_fnc_posWorldToDeg - to convert game-world position into real world coordinates

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The Altis map should be set to the location of Lemnos. And could you also explain what you mean by the longitude and latitude parts of the ticket?

  1. Altis was supposed to be that location, didn't they switch it to the general mediterranean area after the incident? . The coordinates in the map config are incorrect, they currently point here:!q=-35.152%2C16.661&data=!1m4!1m3!1d17104275!2d10.992055!3d-30.614957!4m14!2m13!1m12!3m8!1m3!1d57860!2d-71.4211805!3d41.8169925!3m2!1i1920!2i934!4f13.1!4m2!3d-35.152!4d16.661

i believe all thats needed is to change -35 to +35, drops Altis dead center of the mediterranean sea

  1. first mention was saying that the mapArea and latitude and longitude in the configs are incorrect. the second mention was a reminder that the function bis_fnc_posUTMtoDeg returns an inverse set of coordinates than standard (lat/lon): [longitude,latitude]

i'd also like to add that if mapArea is in utm, not lat/lon, it seems to still be incorrect for the mapZone. I'm no cartographer, anyone have experience?

Are you sure that is the correct coordinates?
Arma actually negates latitude, so east is negative.

No, i'm not sure, i just know its whats in the configs, and it doesnt match where its suggested it should be.

the -35 is claimed to be the latitude, so north/south

can you point to where it says that? its confusing as to why they would invert longitude