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Vehicle (Ifrit, Hunter) damage is invisible on the inside
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When you encounter a damaged vehicle and manage to get inside, the vehicle looks brand new from the inside. {F22977}


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Place an Ifrit on the map with 'this setdamage .5' in the init field and get in.

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I was playing the "See Altis" scenario from the workshop and I was toying around with the heli, blew up the Hunter and damaged almost everything else. Hopped in the Ifrit, and while the inside isn't DAMAGED, per say, all of the glass was visibly broken.

I think if you shoot the window out, it is also gone from the inside view, but if it has bullet damage it's not visible from inside. Just to be clear, this whole ticket is about glass damage, a feature that was present in (at least) OFP and I expected to be present in this game for immersive and functional reasons.

I added a screenshot demonstrating the case.