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Error message every time i play the game
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I will start arma it runs fine smooth even at 30 fps. anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes in it will just shut down take me back to my desktop and give me an error message (D3D DXGI ERROR DEVICE REMOVED) and i will get a message saying my AMD driver has stopped working and has resumed. I am fully aware that this is not a hardware issue from my computer because no other games are effected by this only arma. I have a completely capable system that should be able to run it on medium settings around 30-40 fps and it is constantly running below 20 and crashing. I have searched high and low and all the internet fools are saying over clock under clock remove drivers re-install them and all this and for the guys who have done it they get no fix. so i am lead to believe it is an issue with the game itself which Bohemia needs to address immediately. If anyone has further information on this issue please let me know and do not ask for my specs because i know it has nothing to do with my computer itself because i can run any other game from battlefield to left for dead with zero issues.


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Restart the game same thing occurs.

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This did not happen in the first two days i owned it the game ran fine online and off and now it wont run for more than ten minutes giving me this error code.

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Nothing to do with AMD drivers, uninstall sound card drivers if u have one :)

Ok i did that after you suggested it and it worked it was working fine for about the last two days and all of a sudden its doing the same thing again today but i have disable that driver so it should stop but it wont.

Same as i, i never had this error before: D3D DXGI ERROR DEVICE REMOVED

hmm.. try to increase video cards core voltage, it might help