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Mission 13 "Maxwell" does not load graphics
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After completing mission 12, and waiting through the load screen (which proceeds without a problem), a graphic stating "TWO HOURS LATER" appears. Rain can be heard, as well. As it fades away, or you skip it, no further graphics load. Sound remains. In fact, after waiting long enough, I can hear myself walk/run when I press the keys. If I spam the space/action key, it opens the inventory. No actual game graphics load. As well, during this period, when the pause menu is opened, the "configure" menu becomes non-operational. It is not faded, you can click it, but it does nothing at all. You can save (and load/revert), but it does nothing. In fact, saving is very BAD. When attempting to load the save from the blacked-out view, the game froze, requiring it to be killed in task manager.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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I have reset the game, machine, and confirmed the game cache files in Steam. Every single time I load Mission 13, it does this. I have no mods loaded in the game.

Additional Information

Steam version, if there are any others. 64-bit computer system, but Task Manager says the game is running in 32-bit. AMD graphics card, if it matters.

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Had the same problem. Got past the Maxwell mission by setting graphics to low through the whole mission. I tried just loading the mission and setting graphics to ultra or very high again, but then no checkpoints would trigger. Maybe the rain that cause trouble at high graphics settings?

I have the same problem. Don't worry so many people are having this problem I'm surprised they haven't fixed it yet.